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Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary is an approved Public Benefit Organization (PBO Reference No. 930072927) for the following activity:

We have provided our predators with a safe haven, free from poaching and exploitation, where they can prosper for the rest of their lives.

Our 1650 hectare property is the ideal place for these cats to have enclosures big enough for them to roam around in the natural environment of fynbos and trees, present in each enclosure. As these cats come from captive breeding, zoo’s and circuses, this is something that they absolutely thrive on.

As a true sanctuary we do not breed or trade with our animals and we have a no hands-on interaction policy in place.

Ubuntu’s aim is to be an educational platform where we can create awareness to the well being and caring for cats in captivity. As these cats cannot hunt for themselves or have the freedom to explore vast areas, we have an enrichment program which plays a vital part in animal management in human care.

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Our Vision

  • To be a powerful force in the care and conservation of Big Cats in captivity, and where humans treat animals with the love and respect they deserve.

Our Mission

  • Establish ourselves as an internationally recognised and respected sanctuary for rescued large predators.
  • Professionally manage the sanctuary with proven and ethical operational principles, systems and procedures for animal husbandry, welfare combining it with general business ethics.
  • ​Portray a strong conservation message to protect our natural heritage, promote South Africa and the Western Cape Province as a wildlife conservation authority, to the international community.
  • Creating harmonious co-existence between humans, environment and wildlife, developing responsible leaders of the future and addressing poverty alleviation in poor rural communities.


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