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Here at Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary, our mission is to provide a safe haven for animals. We work tirelessly to give these animals the care they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives, while also educating the public about the importance of wildlife conservation.

But we can’t do this important work alone. We rely on the support of patrons like you to help us continue our mission. By becoming a patron of Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary, you can make a real difference in the lives of animals in need. As a patron, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your donation is making a tangible difference in the lives of these animals. You will also have the opportunity to choose five days of the year when you can send 6 people, either family, friends, valued clients, or anyone you would like to our facility to stay at our on-site facility at our cost and witness first-hand the work we do.

They will also have the opportunity to take part in a volunteer program to work with these animals and share their journey to recovery. There are many ways to become a patron of Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary. For an annual donation of $10,000, you can help us to continue our mission of rescuing and caring for these rescued lions and tigers. You can make a one-time donation, or you can choose to donate on a monthly basis. You can also choose to sponsor a specific animal in our care, providing them with the food, shelter, and medical care they need to thrive. Your support is critical to the success of our sanctuary.

Without patrons like you, we wouldn’t be able to provide the level of care that our animals need and deserve. So please, consider becoming a patron of Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary today. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of wild animals in need.


Ian Jay

Ian believes the more that people understand the natural phenomena surrounding them, the more they enjoy the outdoors. He is a retired geologist with a keen interest in promoting awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the natural environment. Having been a university lecturer, Ian is a firm advocate for continuous lifelong learning. Ian contends that The Natural Sciences and their underlying disciplines provide the nation’s youth with a solid foundation for their future success as adults.

Yvette Taylor

Yvette Taylor is involved in a number of projects in both conservation and community development. Yvette has been executive director of the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization for 14 years. As Executive Director of The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization International (LAEO), Yvette is responsible for the development, establishment, project creation and implementation and success of the organisation.

Anthony Rosenbaum

Started WO Spaces Pty Ltd, a bespoke walking experience business (trading as Wide Open Spaces) in January 2022. The focus of WO Spaces is to broaden the knowledge of both adults and the youth in terms of the importance of preserving the environment and aligning with nature. Anthony's walking experiences are also developed to assist people improve their general health and well-being by walking in nature.

Barbara Wiseman

Over the past 40 years, Barbara Wiseman has worked in senior executive positions in a variety of humanitarian organizations dedicated to helping improve conditions for her fellow man and all life. In 2003, she was invited by world renowned conservationist Dr. Lawrence Anthony, best known as “the Elephant Whisperer”, to help him found an intern As International President, Barbara has directed the organization in its work to isolate and implement long-term solutions to large-scale environmental challenges, which has included rescuing wildlife in war zones, conducting educational Eco Safaris to Africa, overseeing scientific advancements in water location for regions in dire need, and directing the organization’s education initiatives. She is proud to be a Patron of Ubuntu! National, environmental non-profit – The Earth Organization


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