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We are still striving to live out the true spirit of Ubuntu – “I am because we are”. Ubuntu does not retain any funding received. There are so many people who do a lot of good in their communities in relation to people & animals, but these people can do much better if they could have access to a bigger platform. The plight of people and animals is getting worse and thankfully there are a lot of people coming forward to assist despite limited time and funding. We find that these people with the limited resources are always the people that will not give up easily. At Ubuntu we are joining hands with these smaller community projects by firstly allowing them onto our platform to get a wider audience and secondly we try to assist financially where we can.

Mooiuitsig Primary

This is a small farm school located near the farm serving some rural children, the school have 15 pupils and 2 teachers. Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary assist in many ways to create a better learning environment whilst also educating them about conservation. We recently took them to visit our predator camp and many happy memories were made.



This is a small but very well managed sanctuary on our doorstep and Ubuntu has taken hands with them to include the activities at their sanctuary with that of the Ubuntu Volunteer program. This project will allow us to help our Seabirds. The seabirds are brought into the centre, rehabilitated and then released again. The birds also include the endangered African Penguin, endangered Cape Gannet, Cape Cormorant and Petrels.

Project Blessing

This project is all about caring for dogs and cats roaming the streets and Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary will also commit this project to their Volunteer program – watch this space for some big developments.

Just recently we’ve joined forces with a small penguin and sea bird sanctuary and another where individuals go out on a weekly basis to the township / less privileged areas to take care of the cats and dogs. By supporting us in this initiative people are also supporting these other smaller community projects. Our main focus across all our projects is to focus on our youth with a strong emphasis on conservation and education. UWS has adopted a small farm school in our area which is under threat of being closed, our first aim is to keep the school open but also to start up facilities for a pre-school and increase the number of learners, an amazing project to be part of.

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